Note: I was going to publish this on my birthday (February 2) but I got distracted working as well as doing some fundraising for the Bakersfield Burrito Project. Still, I decided to hit publish a few days late instead of letting this rot for eternity in Drafts.

Fuck, man. What a weird age to be.

Honestly, forty-five was not the easiest year. Lots of bad news. Lost a few people. Friends got sick. Family moved away. Other stressful shit happened.

I’m still here tho. Keeping my head above water, for the most part. I know that things could’ve been a whole lot worse. So I’m lucky.

Well, maybe more privileged than lucky, but still.

Got a lot of ambition for forty-six. I’m kind of arguing with myself about posting some of my plans here, but I’ve decided to keep those close to my chest for the time being. Maybe actually let myself put some stuff out into the world when it’s ready instead of setting arbitrary deadlines.

:shrug: Just an idea.