A Fistful of Themes

A Fistful of Themes

There were a few other WordPress themes in consideration when I swapped out my livery the other day. Instead of keeping them all to myself — especially since I’ll probably change things here again in a few months — I thought I’d share a few of the other ones that I liked.

You might notice that they’re all strongly opinionated. Opinions are something that I really appreciate in a theme. I’d rather have my site look like something than just blend in, you know?


A screenshot of the Ritratto theme for WordPress.

This lowkey reminds me of a Campbell’s Soup can and I am into it. I also love that it throws the featured image out the window.

Featured images are something that I just came around on. At least for this site. So not doing them anymore seems like a mistake.


A screenshot of the Hideo theme for WordPress.

Another absolute banger from Anders Noren. I’ve been a total sucker for a tall serif lately, so the font face he’s picked for the title really appeals to me.


A screenshot of the Issue theme for WordPress.

This one is more magazine than blog — which is why I ended up passing it by — but do I like the boldness of it quite a bit.


A screenshot of the Alter theme for WordPress.

I came very close to going with this one! I might not have kept it pink. But, then again, I might’ve…

Still, I love the post title layout on the homepage and how it plays off the image. It’s all very bold, yet understated at the same time.

I think some people will see the mommy blog example and nope out of this. If that’s you tho, you’re robbing yourself of playing around something truly interesting.

Ritratto, Issue, and Alter are all available for download from WordPress.com (that’s right .com) and Hideo can be grabbed from the official WordPress Theme Directory.