Colophon, January 2024

Colophon, January 2024

New year, new vibe.

It’s the foggy season in Bakersfield, so I might as well match the mood by going black and grey with the theme.

Even though they already match the new de-solarized vibe, I think I’m going to give Dorothea Lange‘s gorgeous silver nitrate images a break moving forward. Maybe I’ll even throw in a pop of color here and there!

Not right now tho. Gotta keep the fog of it all going for at least this post, don’t I?

Let’s see… what else? Well, the WordPress theme I’ve switched to is another unreleased heater from Automattic named Ron. Honestly, it’s not trying to do too much. Which is what I like about it.

Even the name is like “Hey. I’m Ron.” Super chill.

The typeface I’m using isn’t Ron’s default. I’ve set the site to use the Braille Institute’s Atkinson Hyperlegible, which was designed with low vision readers in mind.

I’ve been using it on my Kobo for a few months, and I’ve grown rather fond of it in that time. It’s especially great when I forget my readers in the other room and find myself too lazy to go get them.

So that’s where we’re at for now. At least until some new and shiny theme comes along.