Colophon, September 2023

Colophon, September 2023

Just a few quick notes on how this site is currently constructed. These details will certainly change in the future — and I’d like to keep a record — so that’s why this is a blog post.

The WordPress theme that’s being used is Luminance, which is not currently available in the Theme Directory. I’ve made some very minor changes to the core theme through the Site Editor. They are:

  • Modified site colors to use palette based on a high contrast version of Solarized Light.
  • Modified the featured images (those little things next to the title) to have a duotone filter applied to them.
  • Removed the ability to submit and display comments on the site. Maybe someday. Probably not tho.

I’m using the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress to make the site communicate with the fediverse. I’m also using the Markdown Comment Block to write little notes to myself that you’ll never get to read.

The photos I’m using right now are various Dorothea Lange shots of people and places in California. I’m cribbing them from the Library of Congress’ collection of Lange’s nitrate negatives.